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Sourcing, storing and shipping your company swag packs globally. 
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Swag Packs That Match Your Values

Our swag packs contain quality products that are useful!

> Personalised video message delivered via QR code.
> Branded message card.
> Worldwide delivery.
> Storage and shipping on demand available.
> Bespoke branded boxes available.
> Orders available from 50+ packs.

Make it Personal

Using our custom pack builder you can put together your swag pack's in no time at all. simply send us your logo to brand your swag and we will do the rest.

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Swaqg Packs for remote and in person and hybrid teams.
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We can combine swag with snacks for a hybrid onboarding kit.
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The best products! We test every product to make sure it not only meets our standards but exceeds them.

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A great employee onboarding experience can boost new hire retention. Make your new employees excited to get to work with products that mean something to them.

Our team of experts will help you choose suitable products that match your company values.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you provide solutions that will excite and delight.
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At we make Swag packs that your employees and clients will love.

A great onboarding experience can boost new hire retention and improve relationships with new clients. Make your new employees and new clients excited to get to work with products that mean something to them.

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